Aha Moments in Language Learning

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Aha Moments in Language Learning

February 10, 2018 blog language learning breakthroughs 0
Aha Moments in Language Learning

Making language learning breakthroughs in a new language is easy, and on this page we’ll explain a little about how we can make those breakthroughs. It may in fact boil down to the fact that we have to stop paying attention to the existing language in our brains, in order to be able to create new circuits more easily.

Children learn languages really easily, because they start from an “empty mind”. Compare a child’s brain to a new computer hard drive where there are absolutely no existing circuits to interfere with any learning processes. For this reason, children are like new “sponges”. They soak up liquid immediately and with relatively little effort. Children’s brains are those from the age of birth to approximately seven years of age. Studies have proven that the ideal age to learn languages is in fact between 2 and 4 years old.

Adults however have an “existing computer hard drive”. New information can be taken in, but at a much slower rate and normally it is done by making connections with existing information in the brain. The adult brain is also more selective, it checks out the relevance, the importance and the usefulness of the new information. As already mentioned, the whole philosophy behind neurolanguage Coaching is to assist the coachee in finding that relevance and importance, as well as in enabling and facilitating new brain connections which need to be hardwired as quickly and efficiently as possible. This will enable the coachee to learn, consolidate and speak the target language with unconscious competence.

Language learning breakthroughs in neurolanguage Coaching are like insights in coaching. There can be such breakthroughs or “aha” moments constantly throughout the learning process, as the coachee understands and makes connections. The continuous flowing blend of language training interacting with aspects of brain based coaching should facilitate such breakthroughs as well as help to break bad habits and consolidate learning.

There can also be language learning breakthroughs when a coachee understands the culture and cultural aspects of a language. In addition, there can be breakthroughs when we assist the coachee in understanding the reasons for making the mistake, which is done by connecting up with the native language and comparing it to the target language. Always try to understand where a mistake comes from. With permission, ask the coachee how he / she says the words/sentence/grammar structure in the native language and work out where the mistake is coming from. You will really be surprised sometimes at the origins of mistakes and you will see that by highlighting and getting the coachee to think about it, he / she will autocorrect the mistake in a much faster and more efficient way. ©2013 Rachel Paling


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